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A biased sampling

On a whim the other day, I scraped the “portfolio” page on the websites of three of the large venture capital firms in Kendall Square (Atlas Venture, Flagship Pioneering, and Third Rock Ventures) to generate a list of 162 biotech companies. The first thing I […]

Correcting for Bias

This is the second in a series of three or four posts. The first one, diverse teams perform better, explored some of the research on the measurable performance advantages that diverse teams have over monocultures. This and future posts will share real world examples about […]

Diverse teams perform better

In my next three or four posts, I’m hoping to lay out a story that goes something like this: Diverse teams outperform monocultures. Biases in hiring and retention mean missing out on that performance boost. Biased systems self perpetuate. It takes action to break the […]

Should I take aspirin?

Earlier this year, I purchased Dante Labs “whole genome Z” service, which includes 30x sequencing of every base pair of my DNA, plus an additional 100x on the protein coding regions. I mostly did this for the raw data. I work in this space and […]

Time To Have An Idea

What are the most important pieces of professional advice you’ve ever received? I remember one of mine clearly: It was in late 2004, and my colleague Bill told me that it was “time to have an idea.” I had hired in as the first employee […]

N of one

We are living through an uncomfortable period in the practice of medicine. The dialogue between patient and physician is critically underserved, both in terms of tools for patients and physicians, and also in terms of the data context where that conversation takes place. This is […]

That consulting thing

People regularly ask, “how’s that consulting thing going?” It’s a fair question, and I don’t mind answering. The short answer is that it’s going better than I ever expected. Conditions were basically perfect when I created my LLC in 2013: I had been employed by […]

25 Rules For Sons

A few days ago, one of my professional contacts shared a list titled “rules for sons” on LinkedIn. It was filled with advice like, “the man at a BBQ grill is the closest thing to a king,” and “carry two handkerchiefs. The one in your […]

The network is slow: Part 1

Let me start off by agreeing that yes, the network is slow. I’ve moved a fair amount of data over the years. Even when it’s only a terabyte or two, the network always seems uncomfortably slow. We never seem to get the performance we sketched […]

Biology is weird

Biology is weird. The data are weird, not least because models evolve rapidly. Today’s textbook headline is tomorrow’s “in some cases,” and next year’s “we used to think.” It can be hard for non-biologists, particularly tech/math/algorithm/data science/machine learning/AI folks, to really internalize the level of […]