Time To Have An Idea

What are the most important pieces of professional advice you’ve ever received? I remember one of mine clearly: It was in late 2004, and my colleague Bill told me that it was “time to have an idea.” I had hired in as the first employee […]

That consulting thing

People regularly ask, “how’s that consulting thing going?” It’s a fair question, and I don’t mind answering. The short answer is that it’s going better than I ever expected. Conditions were basically perfect when I created my LLC in 2013: I had been employed by […]

Thank you!

About 20 months ago, I left a fantastic job at the Broad Institute to strike out on my own as an independent consultant. At the time, I was nervous. I was pretty sure that I could manage the nuts and bolts of running a small […]

Consultants vs. Contractors

A few weeks ago I wrote about the distinction between bioinformatics and computational biology. My point in that post was not to be absolutely correct about the definitions. Rather, I hoped to encourage conversation around the differences. I hoped to light up the importance of […]

Setting rates

This is a post about money – specifically about how to set consulting rates. It builds on two prior posts about the legal mechanics and some business development practices of my one person consulting shop. People tend not to talk about the specifics of compensation. […]

Developing business

People seemed to appreciate my first post about the mechanics of starting a one-person consulting shop. This post builds on it, talking about the pattern I use as I progress interesting conversations through to closed business. This is offered in the same spirit as that […]

The Mechanics of Consulting

Since going independent in February, A few people have asked me about starting an independent consulting practice. This post shares some of my experiences. In order to keep it to a manageable length, I have omitted stuff like developing and maintaining relationships with clients, writing […]

Watching the World Go By

I write this from the Northbound Acela, returning home to Boston at the end of – I think – my third trip in as many weeks. Perhaps it’s the fourth. I’ve learned that it’s better to not spend too much time counting the little wounds, […]

Do Something

I see a lot of things in the world that could be better than they are. I’m not talking about the part where we will all get sick and weak and die eventually. That’s unavoidable. I’m talking about the crappy systems that we build for […]

One of those days

For the past six years or so, I’ve made a living as a consultant. Whenever I can, I work for scientists who use high performance computing. Sometimes I work for IT people who work with the scientists who use the abovementioned tech. Occasionally, I work […]