Trusted Partners

This page lists just a few of the companies and individuals with whom I have worked closely, and who I am happy to recommend.

Cambridge Computer
are my go-to partner for when I need to architect, source, and integrate computing and data storage hardware at any scale.

Diamond Age
is a one-stop, drop-in computational biology and bioinformatics department for diagnostics and therapeutics. They specialize in transcriptional profiling and pathway analysis and have been described by more than one customer as “the cavalry.”

The Markley Group
runs the premier colocation facility in New England, and also provides leadership class network and differentiated private and hybrid cloud services.

The Sabey Group operate the very highest tier of data centers, nationwide. They went above and beyond for the New York Genome Center, and I really cannot recommend them highly enough.

SDI Communications
teaches a series of courses called The Language of Leadership that has impacted every aspect of my management and leadership philosophy. I really cannot recommend them highly enough.

TCB Analytics
is a team of highly skilled data scientists focused on machine learning, visualization, and data driven strategies.

TPP Global Services
, is a small set of highly skilled senior IT professionals. They are my go-to when I need a partner in information security, compliance, or executive services.

Quark 4
is a strategic communication firm, focused on helping innovators deliver their message in a clear, compelling way.