I’m Chris Dwan. I’m an independent technology consultant in the life sciences and genomics.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve worked on some of the most challenging large-scale problems in my field. My experience includes leadership roles at both the New York Genome Center and at the Broad Institute. Since going independent in early 2017, I have served startups, diagnostics and therapeutics companies, hospital systems, universities, and even a government agency (NASA).

Part of the reason that I choose to work as an independent consultant is a desire to always go where the fires are hottest. I want to seek out the places where I can have the greatest impact. Genomic technologies are beginning to translate into therapies and to impact clinical care. Over time, this will lead to more precise, personalized treatment plans – which really ought to lead to longer, healthier lives and lower overall medical spending. We’re not there yet. I want us all to get there faster.

My consulting practice combines broad technical expertise, relentless focus, and skills in problem solving and communication that have been honed through more than 20 years working at the intersection of computing, data, and the life sciences. My goal as an engineer and a leader is to build systems and teams that will outlast and exceed me.

Whether you are building a genome center or founding a startup, my experience and perspective might provide a critical boost. I work at all scales, from a quick hour on the phone, through small technical assessments, up through years long engagements.

As people say: “DMs are open.” I look forward to hearing from you.