I’m Chris Dwan. I’m an experienced technology executive who uses artificial intelligence (AI) to get practical results in biotechnology, genomics, and precision medicine. I have held leadership roles at the New York Genome Center, the Broad Institute, Sema4 / GeneDx, and BioTeam. I have extensive experience as a freelancer, supporting diagnostics, therapeutics, pharmaceuticals, hospital systems, universities, and even NASA.

I am currently freelancing and open to work at all scales. Some examples of the sorts of work that I have done in the past, as well as contact and biographical information, is available through the links above.

I believe that AI, in the context of robust and well engineered data platforms, holds the key to accelerating progress in genomic medicine. It is time to set aside legacy silos (while retaining domain expertise) and leverage our research, clinical, genomic, and real world data as one unified asset. This will allow us to deliver breakthrough therapies, next generation diagnostics, expert systems, recommendation engines, and personalized treatment plans that will yield longer, healthier lives with lower overall medical spending.

My goal as a leader is to build durable systems and teams that will outlast and exceed me. I bring an unusually broad and cross-cutting expertise, exceptional communication and team building skills, and a relentless focus on results. I work at every scale, from coaching individual contributors and founders all the way up to representing data, information technology, and artificial intelligence on executive leadership teams.

I look forward to hearing from you.