Customers and Testimonials

Jamie Coffin
President and COO, Sema4

Chris is one of the smartest and most innovative thinkers I have ever had the pleasure to work with. Chris has brought an enormous amount of insight and experience to my team and as the President of this company, I think he is the most valued consultant we have on our team. I highly recommend him and wish he would join our team full time. Chris is a highly competent technical leader and is best is his class.

Michael Noble
Chief Data Officer, Break Through Cancer

Chris and I worked at the Broad Institute for a number of years. I came to appreciate him as a razor sharp straight talker. After taking a CDO position, I realized that I needed a senior-level peer for high-bandwidth technology strategy conversations and sought his help. Chris demonstrated the highest levels of professionalism and acumen, distilling broad, complex material into cohesive, actionable summaries that saved weeks of my time. I got the sense this is what the POTUS must feel when reading the morning briefing.

Bryan Hassell
Founder and CTO, Nirrin Technologies

Chris is amazing to work with. He approached our problem in a space (that he virtually had no experience in) methodically, innovatively and with unrelenting excitement. We tasked him with a very difficult problem, rooted in the fundamentals of signal processing and spectral analysis. Despite the learning curve and basic-research nature of this endeavor (not as application focused), he was tenacious and in a short amount of time, produced an analysis package which we still use to this day. If you work with Chris, you will get a team member that everyone loves and adds immense value (culturally and technically). I look forward to the day we can bring Chris back to Nirrin, or he and I can work together on another project.

Dave Whelan
Bespoke Business Strategy, LLC

Chris brings order to chaos in the world of scientific and research computing. And he does it all with a sense of humor and humility that is unparalleled.

I worked with Chris over a few years to help bring New York Genome Center to life. Throughout that time, Chris was an indispensable member of the leadership team, helping to define, launch, and execute the technology strategy in its entirety, from hardware and software to services and staffing. Without his expert guidance, NYGC would not be the same. What I appreciated most about Chris’ involvement was his ability to translate complex technical situations for the business leadership, as well as his ability to participate in the overall business leadership of the organization, often contributing outside of the technology silo.

I have had the chance to work with Chris on other engagements since NYGC, where he again proved himself to be a valuable resource. I look forward to additional opportunities for collaboration.

Anthony DiBiase
Chris Dwan persistently and fiercely champions leading-edge computing infrastructure, and trusted my team to interact directly with Broad researchers during our product beta earlier in 2016. This freedom and guidance resulted in remarkable scientific progress during the beta – likely to result in Broad scientists publishing several population genetics papers before their competition (e.g. ExACv2 dataset analysis). Cray’s product has also greatly benefited from the beta. I welcome future opportunities to work with Chris.
Chris Barillot
I had the pleasure of working closely with Chris while he was at The Broad Institute. I found him to be a highly skilled technologist who always kept the best interest of the Institute in mind. Chris took a creative and collaborative approach to helping The Broad rapidly evolve their technology landscape to support not just current research needs, but also the needs of the future. I felt Chris always kept the mission of the Institute in mind when making decisions and worked closely with key partners to help them join in the journey.

His passion for technology and science are evident to anyone who works with him. He is also a valuable and well respected member of the Life Sciences community and that makes him an asset to anyone who engages him to help address their own technology challenges.

Phillip Sweeney
Principal Global Architect, Life Sciences: Dell EMC
Chris is one of the most talented technical leaders within research computing and the R&D IT space. I have had the pleasure of working with Chris from the vendor side for over two years now and am constantly impressed by his technical acumen and drive to better enable the scientific community.

His keynotes at the various Bio conferences are always well attended and I have also learned a lot about what it takes to succeed in the Life Sciences from Chris (both directly and indirectly). That said, I strongly recommend Chris Dwan and know the talent he brings will be a benefit to your organization.

Neil Kirby
Dow Agrosciences
I had the good fortune to work with Chris on a project to define HPC needs for the future of an R&D organization. There were many things that impressed me about Chris then, and my respect for him has grown over the years. He is clearly very knowledgeable about his field, is extremely organised, and can convey his depth of understanding in ways that are clear to a wide variety of both technical and managerial audiences. In the project he showed a high degree of tact and diplomacy working across groups to achieve a consensus that has served well.
I cannot think of any reservation I would have about working with him in the future – it was a pleasure then and a pleasure now to recommend him to anyone wanting to tap his experience and expertise.
Mohamed Abouelhoda
King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Center
I had a meeting with Chris in 2015 to get his views about the recent infrastructure trends for large scale genome sequencing entities. His views and tips were of great value for us in the Saudi Human Genome Project.
George Gosselin
CTO, Computer Design & Integration
I met Chris in a small office in New York city with maybe a dozen people working on a hand full of computers but with big ideas. Over the next hour Chris laid out his plans to build out the NY Genome Center from scratch. Chris was able to clearly articulate his plan and while he is incredibly technical with a great grasp on technology he left the details of designing and building his compute, storage, and network to CDI. Chris was involved throughout the project providing invaluable insight on how expected the systems to perform and how they were likely to be used. The teamwork was incredible and the result about twelve months later was 3 floors of new office space in a new building with start of the art technology, dual data centers, and plenty of lab space. It was a pleasure working with Chris and I look forward to doing so again.Chris gets it done!
Adam Jacobs
Computer Design & Integration

I worked with Chris Dwan when we partnered building the New York Genome Center. Chris is one of the best in his industry hands down. He’s a great leader and visionary for this field. We enjoyed the partnership with Chris over the years and look forward to partnering with him again soon. He’s at the top of his field and would highly recommend him to anyone in the life sciences arena.

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