Conferences and Talks

Gender representation in Biotech

This post summarizes gender representation in the founding, leadership, board, and scientific advisory teams of 162 biotech companies – observed between October and December of 2019. Out of 162 companies listed on the “portfolio” pages of the big three Boston biotech venture firms (Third Rock […]

Bio-IT World

We’re back around to one of my favorite events of the Boston biotech year, The Bio-IT World Expo. This conference has been host to a bunch of critical conversations for me. My favorite example happened in 2004. That was the year that the founders of […]


Over the past year, I’ve had the privilege to serve as the chair of a working group (computing) for the GP-Write project. I’m spending today at GP-Write’s annual meeting in Boston. GP-Write is a highly international, rapidly evolving collaboration with a goal of rapidly advancing […]

Converged IT and the Cloud

I promised that I would post a summary from our closing panel at the Converged IT and the Cloud thread at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. Unfortunately, I was having so much fun in the session itself that I didn’t take any notes at all. Please […]

Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference

I’m in San Francisco this week, attending the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. I’m specifically focused on a new track called Converged IT and the Cloud. I’m paying particular attention and taking notes – both because it’s very interesting and exciting, because also because at the end […]

2017 Lab Informatics Summit

I had the opportunity to speak at the lab informatics summit on the topic of cloud technologies. It was a lot of fun, I caught up with old friends, and made a few new ones. Also, I got to explore Philadelphia. I came away really […]

Shifting genomic data to the cloud

I had the opportunity to write a white paper for Elastifile about the challenges and opportunities as we shift large quantities of genomic data from traditional on-premise NAS systems to the cloud. If that’s the sort of thing that interests you, check it out here: […]

First steps in a data strategy for science

I had the opportunity to write a guest blog post for Elastifile. It’s about the fact that a lot of the data in the life sciences is housed on big NFS fileservers. It has been challenging to shift our workflows, which rely both on the […]

Bio-IT Symposium Video

The nice folks at Bio-IT World and Bioteam have edited the end-of-conference symposium that I moderated into a video. You can watch us play “catch” with the throwable microphone!

Bio-IT World 2017

Last week, one of my favorite conferences celebrated its 15th year: Bio-IT World. This is one of only a few forums where my particular professional community comes together to share our experiences, re-connect, and to try to catch a glimpse of what the future might […]