2011 Retrospective

At the end of each year I make a little summary post listing the first (interesting) line from the first post of each month. What I note this year is that I basically stopped writing as of September, and also that I seem to have spent a lot of time pissed off about various things.


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January: There is a decent amount of coverage about how the key study linking vaccination to autism was outright fraud.

February: I’ve begun a bit of a project now that the massive new brew kettle is fully armed and operational.

March: The situation with the state employees pensions in Wisconsin and other states is deplorable.

April: The ACLU has filed a lawsuit against the city of Cranston, asking them to take down a banner in the auditorium that shows the “school prayer.”

May: Morning. A crew of painters is walking around outside the house. Two humans (Chris and Jen) and two cats (Maia and Minnow) are watching from inside and preparing for work.

June: Jen and I are taking a trip to Tibet, and I’ve been asked more than a few times: “Why Tibet?”

July: Just like every year, I’m running for president, god-emperor, and tzar of the world.

August: The four noble truths of buddhism, restated:

September: Didn’t post anything in September

October: I write this from the Northbound Acela, returning home to Boston at the end of – I think – my third trip in as many weeks.

November: I recently read Griftopia by Matt Taibbi.

December: Christmas day falls very close to the solstice, and also to the shortest day of the year in North America.

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