Year in review, iteration one.

It’s time to iterate on the year in review traditions. I’m open to any and all of these … and I expect that I’ll do a bunch of them. This one is the “copy and paste the first sentence that you posted in each month of the year in question.” Here are results for:


Aaaaaaaand, here’s 2007. I’m tweaking the rules to allow more than one sentence, up to a paragraph:

Jan: After all the adventures, we’re finally home. I’m exhausted, and looking forward to the solace of an ordinary work week. Was great to see the entire family.

Feb: I’m on a mass mailing list for NASA folks, through the consulting work I’ve done down there. Just got an interesting email:

Mar: Man, I answer a couple of support questions and all of a sudden they’re all like “OMFG, you’re really, really answering mail right now! We have a bunch of totally new feature requests that we’re going to phrase as bug reports in the hope that you’ll spend the whole day rewriting major portions of your code to address them! Please please please please please?”

Apr: I have finished both God of War, and God of War 2. They are amazing games … pinnacles of the 3rd person single player genre.

May: I gave my talk yesterday at Bio-IT World and it went okay.

June: Posting from the Hospice St. Joseph in Port Au Prince, Haiti.

July: I got home from Atlanta between 2 and 3am on Friday morning. On Friday at 7pm, I flew to Detroit to see both sides of the fam. I am now delayed in Baltimore, awaiting my flight back to Providence. Tomorrow morning, I shall rise at beastly:30 to go into Boston and work for MIT, integrating new machines into an existing cluster for a rockin’ cool customer.

Aug: I want more time.

Sep: Excellent weekend with the fam, down in VA.

Oct: The die is cast. We have keys to the apartment. The cats are ensconced, and pissed off.

Nov: We had technolope and capital_l over for indian food last night. We opened up a 25 year old bottle of Blue Nun Riesling that they had found … and it was … different.

Dec: Tomorrow … who knows?

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