2004 – A year in review

Below are the first sentences from the first post of each month in 2004 (except for Jan and Feb, in which I did not have a journal). This idea was stolen from too many people to count.

It seems to me that art has two fundamental components.
Why not? Why not do these stoooopid quizes. Let’s all do the quiz thing and then we’ll all be COOL!
I’ve been captured on the web.
I’m on a train, heading in to Boston for my job interview.
First day at the new job. For those who haven’t gotten the memo, I’ve joined the BioTeam.
Enough lollygagging: It’s presidential physical phitness time.
Done with the gig. Day two went much better than day one.
Just finished all the campaigns in my most recent game purchase: Halo.
Given the amount of energy we’ve seen around this election, I wonder what plans y’all have for election night.
I love this state.

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