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We’re back around to one of my favorite events of the Boston biotech year, The Bio-IT World Expo.

This conference has been host to a bunch of critical conversations for me. My favorite example happened in 2004. That was the year that the founders of BioTeam and I stepped away from the sessions and the exhibit floor, sat on benches in the stairwells of the Heinz convention center, and worked out the details of how I would become their very first employee.

I don’t think that any of us could have predicted that, 14 years later, we would be hosting a two hour panel in the main auditorium to close out and wrap up the conference. Last year’s version was tremendous fun. I’m super excited to get to moderate it again.

We’ve made a few adjustments this year to make the session even more interactive and fast moving. At the same time, we’re keeping the throwable microphone, dynamic and emerging topic list, and the online question submission / topic tracking system.

The panelists brainstormed up an incredible list of topics:

  • Team culture, keeping it healthy
  • Engineering for nation-state scale projects
  • Identity management in federated environments
  • The changing face of the end-user scientific computing environment, specifically notebook style analysis environments
  • Rapid prototyping of data-driven products
  • Diversity – how, specifically do we intend to empower and amplify emerging voices in our community?
  • What does it take to “validate” a process that was born on a research HPC environment?
  • The maturation of cloud-native, serverless architectures and its uncomfortable collision with current information security and governance processes
  • Data lakes, warehouses, marts, ecosystems, commons, biospheres, bases, gravity, movement, and so on and on
  • Notes from the field as machine learning and AI settle in as mature and productive tools in the kit
  • Emerging technologies like blockchain and how to separate the hype from the reality
  • … and many more …

If you have questions, topics, opinions, or suggestions – please write me or any of the panelists a note.

I’m looking forward to seeing many of you there.

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