Equity and inclusion

A biased sampling

On a whim the other day, I scraped the “portfolio” page on the websites of three of the large venture capital firms in Kendall Square (Atlas Venture, Flagship Pioneering, and Third Rock Ventures) to generate a list of 162 biotech companies. The first thing I […]

Correcting for Bias

This is the second in a series of three or four posts. The first one, diverse teams perform better, explored some of the research on the measurable performance advantages that diverse teams have over monocultures. This and future posts will share real world examples about […]

Diverse teams perform better

In my next three or four posts, I’m hoping to lay out a story that goes something like this: Diverse teams outperform monocultures. Biases in hiring and retention mean missing out on that performance boost. Biased systems self perpetuate. It takes action to break the […]

25 Rules For Sons

A few days ago, one of my professional contacts shared a list titled “rules for sons” on LinkedIn. It was filled with advice like, “the man at a BBQ grill is the closest thing to a king,” and “carry two handkerchiefs. The one in your […]


This is a personal story about workplace bias. In my first management gig, between 2004 and 2013, I built an all male team. “Keep the company mostly male” was never a goal. In fact, if anyone had said that kind of crap out loud – […]

Be Humble

Full disclosure, I’m really quite interested in unconscious bias, understanding the impacts of diversity, and also on being as impactful as I possibly can. I would like to be aware of the context, and to do a good job within it. I have opinions on […]

Identity, Equifax, and Google

I’ve been reading Who Owns the Future by Jaron Lanier. It’s a good book, and you should probably read it. It’s particularly important if you’re a person who participates in the economy – which is most of us. Among the good points he makes is […]

Effective techniques for unicorn hunters

This is a follow-up to my earlier rant about unicorns. As with the data challenges of genomics, I feel like we’ve been talking about this unicorn thing forever, or at least long enough that it’s awkward to keep pretending that it’s a new thing. There […]

The game of kings

A very smart and well informed colleague recently shared a thought that disturbed me. I’m writing it here mostly to get it out of my head, and also in the hopes that the eminently quotable Admiral Rickover will once again be proved right: “Weaknesses overlooked […]

The unicorn rant

In biotech these days, I hear a lot of talk about “unicorns.” Sometimes they are rare fancy unicorns … purple, or glittery. At Bio IT World, I found myself moderating a conversation that involved herds and farms of these imaginary animals. Of course, we were […]