Climate change is real, human activity is driving it, it’s an emergency. We need to slam the brakes on carbon emissions right now to have any hope of a smaller scale catastrophe. That’s the choice. Doing nothing or putting it off is a crime against humanity and a moral failing.

Trump should be removed from office for high crimes and misdemeanors. Yes, other people have done bad things too. I’m focused on the current president of the US and his unprecedented blatant self-serving disregard for law, rule, and basic norms.

Abortion must remain safe, legal, and broadly accessible. Lots of reasons for that. I cannot believe we’re having to re-fight this.

Unrestrained capitalism, as practiced in the US, blocks meaningful access to medical care, housing, and education for enough people that it qualifies as a human rights violation.

No one person needs, deserves, or is ‘worth’ a billion dollars. We should stop idolizing these parasites and start taxing their wealth.

Churches and other religious institutions should be taxed and governed according to how they run their business. If they qualify as a nonprofit or charitable organization, great. If not, tax-em at the corporate rate.

Financial markets should run at a human tempo, not a machine tempo. Markets should close and settle one large batch of orders per day. We would keep all the benefits of publicly trading shares of large companies, and lose only the casino culture of the trader-bros.

Government has no business in the personal relationships between consenting adults. None, zero, zip. Love is never a crime, and marriage is available to all.

A universal basic income would eliminate, at a single stroke, many of the worst problems of poverty, homelessness, hunger, and so on.

Finally, and most important: A person’s responsibility to act scales with that person’s wealth and social power.

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