Where to Dwell

I’ve been considering the house, and decided to consult The Great Treatise on the Stages of the Path. In the chapter on preparing for meditative serenity I found this:

Dwelling in an appropriate area

The area should have five attributes:

(a) easy access, so that necessities such as food and clothing may be readily obtained.
(b) being a good place to live, where there are no wild beasts such as predators, no enemies, etc.
(c) being on a good piece of ground, in that it does not breed sickness
(d) offering good companionship insofar as your companions are ethically disciplined and like-minded
(e) being well situated inasmuch as there are not many people about in the day and little noise at night.

So, I’m thinking (a) near a T stop, (b) the nice part of Dorchester (c) not in a swamp (d) will be there and (e) not sure yet, but it seems to be on a fairly quiet street.

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