28 bottles of wine on the shelf, 28 bottles of wine …

And now we wait for at least a month to crack one and see if the effort was a total waste of time. The glass that I extracted during the bottling process (bad luck to not have one – bad luck as in you might bottle 28 bottles of spoiled wine!) is tart. Tart tart tart. On the other hand, there are echos of oaky cabernet goodness in there. We shall see.

Totally social weekend: and I went to two birthday parties on Friday (happy birthday !) and then had friends up from Providence for the evening last night. Today we explored the bike trail by our new house, and it ROCKS. Two blocks down from the house, you join up with the trail. Perhaps a quarter mile down the trail, you’re beside the water. We got as far as the UMass campus before turning back, but it seems to go all the way into Boston, if you’re so inclined.

In other news, one of my favorite customers gets to meet the Dalai Lama when he’s in town in two weeks. Jealousy stands in the way of personal development. I am jealous.

Did you know that Boston gets the day off tomorrow because of “Patriot’s day?”

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