My spam is not limited to links. I also get some in my email. My three tiered spam filtration system is really pretty effective – and there’s a fourth filter embodied in my hypervigilant “delete” finger. At this point deleting spam is more reflex than conscious action. It’s like when I cut people off in Boston traffic. I used to have to get irritated or evoke some sort of intention to do it. Now, the horn is more like “hello,” and my rude driving is no more malice filled than the turning of a sunflower to follow its namesake.

Anyway, this one sounds strangely legitimate. I’m vaguely sorrowful that the talented young men will be put to work in the diamond mines if they cannot find work as athletes.

Please read through this email, because you will find offers that will interest you.



Subject: We have football players available to display their talents and make a name in world football, quality players, young, skillful, result oriented, energetic for the game.


The above agency is proposing to all interested parties that will like to expose young talented footballers we have in Africa to the rest of the world and are willing to provide player in every position in the football field, with quality.

This proposal from the agency mentioned above, is to inform all interested parties and player sponsors and agents and clubs in Europe and all over the world, that we are committed to this course to make available quality and talented player from Africa to you, for sponsorship and nurture and improvement to the next level, for greater Africa in the football world.

All interested parties are encouraged to reply to the email or call any of our phone line; we have personnel’s waiting to respond to your reply and phone calls.

We also offer some other quality services as follows; (Supermarket, Restaurant, & General Merchant

1) Building Contractor

2) Diamond & Gold Mining

3) Land for Estate Developers

4) Houses Assorted Goods etc

We provide you with the opportunity to establish business anywhere in Africa.


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