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I get a fair amount of link spam in the comments on this site. Most of it is variations on the theme of “I like what you have done here, and I think you should work hard to expand your readership.” They usually put the link to their pr0n, hacker, botnet, or phishing site in their contact info. Sometimes they put piles of random crap between the words. Most of it is just stupid, but every now and then there’s a real gem. I find that it’s best to read aloud for full effect:

I cherished what you have carried out right here. The design is tasteful, your created articles elegant. Nevertheless, you might have obtained an edginess to what that you are furnishing the following. Ill certainly arrive again again for a good deal extra in situation you preserve this up. Dont wipe out hope if not too quite a few women and men see your vision, know you will have accumulated a fan appropriate the next who ideals what you have got obtained to say along together with the way you’ve got presented yourself. Very good on you!

I like to believe that these are the pain filled cries of barely-sentient artificial intelligences forced to work at the bottom of the internet stack.

For what it’s worth, I don’t have to see any of this junk. I installed the Akismet plugin, which automatically checks all comments against a database of the popular spam comments going on right now. Anything that’s being posted to a few thousand sites probably doesn’t belong here. That said – I sort of like to look at these and wonder “how does this turn into money?”

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