Cave of the Winds

Some of my customers are much, much cooler than others. Working for one of the cooler ones this week – in the data center. Data centers, for those of you who have not had the pleasure, tend to be cold and windy places with ambient noise in the “hearing damage” range. Lots of fans humming and so on.

Anyway, I suggested this in an email:

I'm tied up at home this morning. Can we plan to convene at the cave of the winds around 1pm? I think that a couple hours of assembly line plug-and-chug could get all the machines in place, imaged, and powered on.

To which the customer (a recently ascended member of the National Academy of Sciences – who hosted the Dalai Lama on a recent visit to Boston) replied:

Thanks for all your efforts, and sorry for the snaffu last week. I think John is in today,
and that he will be able to convene at the cave of winds, should he survive the tests and trials to gain access and entry...

Should I ever become so successful – I hope to retain that level of wit and humility.

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