I write these words from the Maharaja Lounge of the Delhi airport. I am sitting with my business class peers (three of whom are stomping around and singing, as two year olds are wont to do). There is championship level cricket on the TV. Half the eyes in the room are glued to it.

Today was the best day so far. Again, things came together at the last minute. We stood up the demo server and it worked like a charm. I ad libbed through some basic cluster, software, and parallel programming stuff, and my class of 15 or so tech guys dug it. Towards the end I was having trouble getting them back from the lab sessions because they were so into making stuff work. Everyone wanted pictures at the end, again, which is incredibly flattering.

I’ll note that I don’t usually work this hard. This was an ass busting week: Up at 6 or so every morning to rewrite my slides for the day. Perhaps an hour to work out and have breakfast – and then teaching for at least four hours and coding for many more. Then dinner late and perhaps an hour with a martini before collapsing around 11 or midnight.

I am left with the feeling of having done something difficult and worthwhile. Now, homeward.

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