No magic bullet

Getting serious for a moment:

It’s time to stop pretending that, if we can only hold out long enough, everything is going to go back to exactly how it was before this pandemic.

It is not.

Please ignore what our so-called leaders are saying about miracle cures, quick fixes, and “just another couple weeks.” These are harmful lies, peddled by scared people who quite simply don’t know what to do.

I don’t know what to do either. Not exactly. It’s not drinking bleach, I’ll tell you that much.

Great leaders, coaches, and strategists acknowledge hard truths. They acknowledge a difficult or a changed situation and then make new plans.

This pandemic has wrought lasting changes on the world. We are only beginning to see the outlines of how it will be in these “after-times.”

Some things are gone forever, including far, far too many people. So we grieve, and then we heal, and eventually we thrive again.

Buddhists say that “attachment leads to suffering.” This is not a moral judgement – but a simple acknowledgement of a rather obvious truth.

Recovery programs say: “Let go or be dragged.” Same deal.

It’s time to start building for the new future, even while we grieve the lost past, and also before we know how everything is going to turn out.

I know this is hard. We’re going to figure it out – together.

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