Surfing the hype curve

I’ve spent most of my career on the uncomfortable edge of technology. This meant that I was often the one who got to deal with gear that was being pushed into production just a little bit too early, just a little bit too fast, and just a little bit too aggressively for everything to go smoothly.

This has left me more than a little bit jaded on marketing hype.

Not too long ago I posted a snarky rejoinder on a LinkedIn thread. I said that I had a startup using something called “on-chain AI,” and that we were going to “disrupt the nutraceutical industry.”

I got direct messages from serious sounding people asking if there was still time to get in early on funding me.

Not long after that, a local tech group put out a call for lightning talk abstracts. I went out on a limb and submitted this:

Quantum AI Machine Learning Blockchains on the IoT Cloud Data Ocean: Turning Hype Into Reality

It's easy to get distracted and confused by the hype that surrounds new computing and data storage technologies. This talk will offer working definitions and brutally practical assessments of the maturity of all of the buzzwords in the title.

Somewhat to my horror, they accepted it.

Here are the slides. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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