Hong Kong Airport

I write from the upscale “pay-in shower lounge” at the Hong Kong international airport.

At first we were confused about the setup, but it all became simple very quickly. The key is to accept that we’re from the backwater sticks of the world, and that Hong Kong is actually in the future, after Earth joins modern civilization. It may well be Earth’s first spaceport. We’ve got a five hour layover here before departing for the mainland on our third flight of the “day.”

Anyway, $40 buys three hours of access to an extensive breakfast bar (both asian and western fresh-cooked food), a comfy lounge, good coffee, wi-fi, one drink at the bar, and a shower.

Let me be clear, this was not some seedy grimy airport shower. This was basically just the bathroom from some of the nicer hotels I’ve stayed in. The cleaning staff emerge, you go in, and 20 minutes later you feel human again.

The other mechanics of travel are going fine. Flew to New York, chilled for five hours, then 16 hours on a Boeing 777. There was some hilarity along the way – but nothing too out of the ordinary.

All’s well. Updates as they happen!

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