Too cool not to pass along

Courtesy of cariaso:

I have a suspicion that this volcano is not mere chance. The Icelanders are a hardy, proud, and slightly crazy bunch. They’ve been left holding MUCH MORE than their fair share of the recent global credit crisis. When it all fell apart, they were surprised how little support they were given by the rest of Europe. Buying power is relative, and perhaps inflicting some pain on europe really does lessen the Icelandic debt burden. I suspect in exchange for €50,000 per Icelandic resident they can call off the volcano by tomorrow.

And, naturally of jwz:

It’s weird to keep reading blog entries from bands cancelling their shows because they are stranded on the wrong side of volcano. It seems so scifi. If this volcano really does keep erupting, maybe we’ll get a sneak peek at the post-oil-crash world where plane travel is impossible and we have to go back to boats for crossing oceans. Or, you know, blimp it.

Me? Still working. 16 hours today. Gotta love storage.

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