Two weeks ago, I was in Atlanta, GA – working for the Center for Disease Control (and prevention too!). That’s a cool gig.

Last week, I was in Hampton, VA – working for the Science Directorate of NASA. That’s also a cool gig – but in a totally different technical area.

This week, I’m at home – multiplexing between tasks for both groups while trying to do plebeian things like dishes, catbox cleaning, and so on.

My job rules – but sometimes it can be an eentsy bit stressful. Just sometimes. Usually it’s beer and ping pong all day. Not this week though.

Fortunately, I have good friends. technolope took one for the team last night and accompanied me to Symphony Hall to see Itzhak Perlman perform. redmed couldn’t use her ticket – being in Baltimore and all. Then we went shoe shopping (srsly) – and then to the Lower Depths tap room for an awesome beer – and onward to meet capital_l at their place, where we made tacos and played with the Wii fit.

The Wii fit rules. It’s like – fitness science. I know that my left leg is wobblier than my right. Wii fit quantifies it.

Today, I finally got back to Judo. Sometimes it’s nice to have the break so I can see my progress from a distance. Sometimes I just realize that I fall out of shape quite rapidly – and that muscle memory needs constant work to build it.


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