Finding it hard to post non-friends-locked stuff when all the interesting bits of my life are happening at work. Perhaps this is the insane travel schedule kicking in.

My dreams of late have been vivid, violent, and … well … not calm at all. Usually I maintain my calm mental state into the dream realm. Lately I’ve been having trouble calming myself enough to sleep at all – and when I do dream it’s – well – it’s bad. Fortunately, I’ve got the trick down where I lay still and slow my breathing – and even if my mind keeps racing, at least my body rests and I don’t get too worn down. However, even six hours is a long time to sit there wondering what time it is and whether I’m dreaming yet.

No seriously, I get it. I’m hip. Trust me. I know what you’re about to suggest. The dreams are still bad.

February is an awful month for my family. We say that “the veil is thin,” but what we mean is that nearly everyone close to us who has died did so in Feb. The days are short, the weather is crap, and so on and so on. Throw in anti-malarial drugs and their vivid dreams and a brutal travel schedule, and you’ve got – well – where I am now.

On the other hand – I got badged at the CDC today. Picture taken and everything. Let’s hear it for small victories. Without giving too much away, let’s just say that I think I can help us to be more effective in our response to the ever-present horror of another flu pandemic. Wheeee.

Time for body-mandated horizontal rest period. Perchance to … god I hope not.

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