Amped Up

Just got back from my second appearance on Freethought RI. This is a radio show that my good friend Dan started a year or so ago as part of his work with the RI Atheist Society. I find myself all amped up and excited about free speech, broadcasting myself, and so on.

The show itself is a bit rambling. Dan and Neil and I just sort of talked for an hour. I have no idea how many people actually listen … except that I know my little sister was one of them! She called me right after the show ended saying something like (ironically enough) “thank god that there are smart people able to access the airwaves and broadcast this stuff! liberty is not dead!”

So yeah. Free speech is not dead. Long live free speech.

And, more to follow, but get off your asses and use your freedoms before we lose them forever.

Seriously. If you’re not screaming, you’re not paying attention.


Wow, listen to me free form it at around 23:00. I didn’t plan any of this, but it came out smooth like buttah. The topic was that the Pope has recently extended a friendly hand to the Anglican church, offering them the chance to come on back to the fold – bring your straight, male, married priests … but ditch those gays and women. So I said:

“The question to me is: if you’re really serious about the essential nature of communion and confession and the sacred nature of these rites – that if you don’t do the ritual correctly then it’s not pleasing to God, and God will punish you forever – if that’s at the foundation of your belief: How does it make you feel that the pope is willing to pitch some of that just to get a few more bucks?

And one wonders how far we are from that here at BSR radio, from the pope calling up and saying “hey, do you guys want to be catholic?” Is that different in some way? Different from people who for 500 years have practiced a different religion? Hey, I light incense at home.”

–EDIT 2–

We get loopy at 51 minutes in. Scientology fraud.

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