How it works

There are a lot of different ways to be an “independent consultant.” Many people use “a little consulting” as a resting spot between full time jobs. Others use a consultancy as a way to gently taper out of the workforce while maintaining contacts and generating a bit of revenue.

My consulting practice is my full time job, passion, and mission.

So what do I do? Every client is unique, but themes and patterns have emerged over the years. I’ve sketched out a few of the most common sorts of engagement below, to give an idea of the sorts of work that I have done in the past.

However it works out, the initial mechanics are always the same. A couple of conversations leads to a statement of work that describes the pain point that we hope to address, and what I might do to help. Then there is some business paperwork. If the stars align, we get to solve some interesting puzzles together.

Shoot me a note if that’s of interest.