Customers and Affiliations


Arrakis Therapeutics
Arrakis is a biotechnology startup based in Waltham, MA. I offer strategic guidance and advice on both IT infrastructure and Scientific Computing.

Bio-IT World and the Bio-IT World Expo:
Occasional author, frequent presenter, long-time judge for the best of show and best practices awards

The Center of Excellence for Engineering Biology
GP-Write is a grand challenge in synthetic biology, aiming to accelerate technological progress in synthesizing eukaryotic genomes. I serve as chair of the data and computing working group.

Cross Pharma HPC
Formed in 2007, the “x-pharma HPC” group is a forum for high performance and scientific computing professionals¬†from biotech and pharmaceutical companies. ¬†We meet to exchange knowledge and practices, to support emerging technology and data standards, and to improve pharmaceutical and scientific outcomes.

Elastifile is a software based storage company specializing in making data accessible and usable across multiple public and private clouds. I offer advice and guidance on the healthcare / life sciences market.

Markley Group
The Markley Group are the greater Boston area’s premier provider of colocation, network services, and private cloud capacity. Over years of working together in various capacities, I have come to trust the team at Markley as technologists, as business processionals, and as industry leaders.

Nancy J. Kelley and Associates
Nancy was the founding executive director of the New York Genome Center. We worked together closely during that project, and continue to collaborate on various efforts.

I have had the privilege to work with NASA’s Earth Sciences community several times over the last decade. I helped to design, deploy, and tune HPC and petabyte scale data storage systems at the NASA facility in Hampton Roads, VA. More recently, I have supported strategic thinking around emerging technologies for advanced infrastructure, including how to apply blockchain technologies to constellations of small and cube satellites.

Sabey Data Centers:
Sabey Data Centers is a nationwide provider of hosting and colocation services, operating more than 3 million square feet of data centers in Seattle, Manhattan, and Virginia.


Bioteam is a “high performance consultancy” specializing in bridging the gaps between technology and science. During nearly nine years with the company, I had the pleasure of serving hundreds of clients as our industry grappled with the technical challenges of high throughput DNA sequencing and the advent of the genomic era.

Broad Institute of MIT and Harvard
Director of Research Computing from 2014 through 2017, with responsibility to guide a team of more than 30 serving a user community of more than 3,000. Director for all of Broad’s IT during the yearlong search for a new CIO.

The New York Genome Center:
The NY Genome Center was founded in 2011 as a unique collaboration among more than a dozen research and academic institutions in and around Manhattan. I was present from the beginning, designing and building out all of the IT and scientific computing infrastructure for the center through its launch in 2013.